Ministerial Search

KUF calls Rev. Beckett Coppola as its next settled minister

Kingston Unitarian Fellowship is pleased to announce the Reverend Rebecca “Beckett” Coppola as our next settled minister. Beckett will arrive to KUF September 2017. The Reverend Rebecca C. “Beckett” Coppola was ordained to the Unitarian Universalist Ministry on 29 January 2017 by Jefferson Unitarian Church and the Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder, Colorado. She was … Continued

Q&A with the MSC April 23rd 2017

Join us after service on April 23rd for a question and answer period with members of the MSC.  This session is an opportunity for KUF members to understand the search process to date, what to expect from the upcoming Candidating Week and congregational vote. We will not be discussing the candidate at all, rather we … Continued

Thoughts from your search committee

Members of the KUF Ministries Search Committee are asked to share why they put forward this candidate for consideration by the congregation. Here are their thoughts, provided for your information:         From Bob: The Ministerial Search Committee has unanimously chosen Rev. Beckett as our Number One Candidate. Rev. Beckett was my first choice and … Continued

Candidating Week April 30th – May 7th Calendar of Events

What’s in store: Want to know what is going on during Candidating Week April 30th to May 7th?  Click on the schedule above to find out. We start and end our week with Rev. Beckett at Sunday Service where KUFers have the opportunity to hear a sermon and see her lead a service.  In between … Continued

Getting to know Rev. Beckett Coppola

Why wait until Candidating Week to get to know your Ministerial Candidate?Press play to to watch a video of introduction that Rev. Beckett has produced so you can learn more about her and why she is interested in KUF.  Remember to visit her website as well to find out more. Click here to view her video.

Keep Calm and Call a Minister: Your Guide to Candidating Week 2017

This is an exciting time in our congregation! Now that we have a Ministerial Candidate, you may be wondering what happens now? This guide will provide answers to questions you may have. Keep reading for more information or click the photo for a pdf copy of the guide. Our next step is the search process … Continued

Mission Accomplished: We have a Ministerial Candidate!

The Ministerial Search Committee enthusiastically presents The Reverend Rebecca C. “Beckett” Coppola for your consideration as our settled minister. We know you will warmly welcome Rev. Beckett when she visits us for Candidating Week April 30th through May 7th You are invited to find out more about Rev. Beckett by exploring her Ministerial Packet. Get to know her through her own … Continued

The Pieces Are Coming Together

The members of your Ministerial Search Committee are thrilled to inform the congregation that we officially have a Ministerial Candidate! In March the MSC ranked all candidates being considered and sent that information to the UUA transitions office. Our “number 1” ranked candidate also listed KUF as their “number 1” congregation. We will be able … Continued

In the thick of it

Applicants unveiled! The Search committee was counting the minutes until the release of names and ministerial records was official at the beginning of January. We’ve now collectively reviewed the applications, and online websites (Ministerial Packets) of those ministers who have expressed interest in our congregation.  These contain extensive background detail, work history, sermons they have … Continued

Who are we and who or what are we looking for?

Thank you to everyone who came to today’s service exploring the concept of Ministry.  I hope you found the overview of the work and activities of the Ministerial Search Committee informative. As promised here are the Ministerial and Congregational Profiles for you to read, review and give input on.  Just click on the links to … Continued