Created by the children at Unirondack using sticks, rocks and grass.


And thank you for contributing your time, energy and caring presence in our Religious Exploration (RE) program this year. Each year, we depend on volunteers like you to accompany our children and youth on their own search for truth and meaning.

The relationships we build, the covenants we share, and the way we are together can be as meaningful as the lessons learned. You don’t have to “have all the answers”. Indeed our goal is to help the children explore information, question and form their own answers.

The modules below will provide you with important information that will enable you to participate in RE with confidence and enhance your experience. Please read through each one carefully prior to attending

Please let us know if you need help or further information; We’re  here to support you.

Kelli and Ruth
RE committee Co-chairs


Module 1: Philosophy
Module 2: Program Overview – Children’s RE
Module 3: Program Overview – Junior Youth
Module 4: Program Overview – Senior Youth
Module 5: Sundays
Module 6: Safety
Module 7: Discipline
Module 8: Materials and Supplies
Module 9: Resources
Module 10: Commitment