Creating Home

I want to remind myself and others that our homes can become sacred places, filled with life and meaning. — Gunilla Norris

Starting May 21st, we will be using the UUA’s “Creating Home” curriculum, written by Christy Olsen and Jessica York, with this age group.  Together we will explore questions about the purpose of having a home and the functions a home serves, for us as humans and for other animals. The program speaks of home as a place of belonging and explores the roles each of us play in the homes where we live. The program introduces the concept of a “spiritual home”—KUF—which shares some characteristics with a family home. Like a family home, a KUF offers its members certain joys, protections, and responsibilities.

Each week we will create a “Take it Home” letter for parents so that you can further explore the topics introduced in RE.  The Take it Home letters will be listed here by date so you can reference them anytime:

Read all about Session 1: On the Threshold here.

Take Home Letter May 21st 2017



Read all about Session 2: Symbols at Home and Religious Symbols here. You’ll see in the “take it home” letter that we differed significantly from the UUA outline.

Take it Home Letter May 28th 2017