Gratitude for Life’s Blessings

The book “On Gratitude: 51 Micro-Essays on Life’s Blessings” is an anthology of short pieces from “musicians, artists, actors and other public figures, from B. B. King to Ann Rice to Francis Ford Coppola.”


A blog post on the book writes:


“There is plenty of evidence that practicing gratitude dramatically increases our sense of well-being, yet we consistently fail to acknowledge our blessings and instead choose to fixate on misfortune. “On Gratitude,” a lovely new book by Todd Aaron Jensen, reels us back from our dystopian mental habits by reminding us of the blessings big and small, from pajamas to parents to perfect timing, that make life worth living.”



What are you grateful for in your life?
What are you grateful for within your KUF community?
Join us this Sunday and be sure to share some of your reflections during Fellowship Hour.
And if the person you are talking to doesn’t get MiniLinks please remind them that they can sign up for it on the sheet at the back of the Main Hall!
(Curated and adapted for KUF by Rev. Beckett Coppola on the occasion of our starting a new fellowship year.)