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Crossing the Threshold

Lay Chaplains honour the Threshold Moments in the lives of the people who seek their services for ceremonies of significance – usually child dedications, weddings and memorials or funerals. Although most people don’t ask in so many words, by marking these occasions they are seeking … read more.

Sailing New Waters

Five of our Senior Youth, Alex, Ariyah, Evelyn, Kaitlyn and Riley will today officially bridge out of the RE program and into the young adult community of Unitarians. They will each speak their truth about this important journey in individual Bridging Talks, supported by the rest of the youth group … read more.

Flower Communion Sunday

You are invited to bring a few of your favorite flowers, or even flowers from your home, as we gather in our annual celebration of beauty, human uniqueness, diversity, and community. You will go home with a different flower from the one you brought, and … read more.