Pondering Questions

As always, don’t treat these questions like “homework” or a list that needs to be covered in its entirety! Instead, pick one question that speaks to you and let it lead you where you need to go. The goal is to figure out what being a part of a people of sanctuary means for you and your daily living. So, which question is calling to you this month? What new insight might it be guiding you too?

-Who has most shaped your understanding of haven or sanctuary? Which of their “lessons” is most relevant to you today?

-When did you first discover that “sanctuary” was more than a physical place?

-Some say sanctuary is “the love between us” when we find community. How has this been true for you?

-Which of your homes has felt most like “home”? How are you recreating that experience in your life right now?

-Who is a refuge for you? Have you told them lately how great of a gift that is?

-Have you ever found an oasis for yourself in the midst of offering it to others? Might that again be the path back to sanctuary for you today?

-What if sanctuary is something we build rather than something we find?

-How is the season of fall and Thanksgiving harboring you? How is it inviting you to think of refuge differently?

-What if your place of retreat is not just saying “Come and rest” but also “Be filled and go”?

-What if sanctuary isn’t a place, but that moment when you realize that you don’t have to keep trying to prove yourself? What if sanctuary is the awareness that we’ve already “arrived”? That we’re already enough?

-When has someone saved you with the sanctuary of just sitting with you in silence rather than offering you advice or trying to fix things? Is someone in your life needing that same gift?

(Curated and adapted for KUF from the 2018 Soul Matters materials for the theme ‘SANCTUARY’ by Rev. Beckett Coppola.)