Safe Congregations Policy

Please read the safe congregations policy in its entirety here.

Below you’ll find the sections related to working with children at KUF highlighted:


Fire Drill at KUF

Fire drills are held periodically during Sunday services.

Procedures to be followed during a drill or in the event of a fire include:

– do not use the elevator

– use both the front and back exits from the Main Meeting Room

– a volunteer holds each exit door open until everyone is out and then closes the door before leaving

– persons with walkers and wheelchairs go to the kitchen area but without blocking the passage of others to the stairway

– a volunteer should attend each person with a walker and be ready to assist the handicapped person with the stairs without using the walker. Most people who use walkers are able to go down a stair with a railing and the assistance of another person

– four volunteers need to attend each person in a wheelchair in order to carry the chair and person down the stairs, one person on each side holding a wheel and two persons behind, each holding one of the handles of the tipped-back chair.

– once out of the building stand aside from roadways so that incoming fire engines are not blocked

To avoid unnecessary stress, fire drills are announced 10 or 15 minutes prior to the sounding of the sirens. Announcements are made to the congregation and to the RE leaders of the day. During a fire drill persons with walkers or wheelchairs are to remain in the kitchen area with their volunteer attendants and not go down stairs to avoid the inevitable risks of negotiating the stairs.

            If sirens start sounding and there has been no prior announcement, it means there is a real danger of fire and the above procedures should take place immediately.

The following is posted underneath the attendance sheets on the clipboard in every room.
Fill in attendance sheet and place by door every Sunday (start of group)
All children should have something on their feet, in case we need to leave the building quickly

During a Fire Alarm/Drill
Grab attendance clipboard
Check all children are present
If child is missing from group inform Fire Marshall
Lead group to exit out the front of the building
Check fire doors for heat/smoke*
Exit straight outside
Meet in the parking lot
Teachers may release child only once the parent has signed their child out

* If heat/smoke is present, take alternate exit route:
Go back down the stairs, through the multipurpose room, up the main RE stairs, and out the door to the back yard
Proceed as above – meet the rest of the congregation in the east parking lot

We hope to have at least one fire drill each year, with the first being planned for fall 2017. During the drills or in case of actual fire, teachers and youth advisors are responsible until parents retrieve their children/youth.

First Aid

A first aid kit is located………