Counting Our Blessings

On this day we will close the fellowship year, sharing messages of gratitude to one another for the path we have traversed over this exciting first year together. Following Sunday Service we will gather in the park for a community picnic, make plans to see … read more.

Crossing the Threshold

Lay Chaplains honour the Threshold Moments in the lives of the people who seek their services for ceremonies of significance – usually child dedications, weddings and memorials or funerals. Although most people don’t ask in so many words, by marking these occasions they are seeking … read more.

Sailing New Waters

Five of our Senior Youth, Alex, Ariyah, Evelyn, Kaitlyn and Riley will today officially bridge out of the RE program and into the young adult community of Unitarians. They will each speak their truth about this important journey in individual Bridging Talks, supported by the rest of the youth group … read more.

Flower Communion Sunday

You are invited to bring a few of your favorite flowers, or even flowers from your home, as we gather in our annual celebration of beauty, human uniqueness, diversity, and community. You will go home with a different flower from the one you brought, and … read more.

Courage, Curiosity, and Welcome

Engaging with the world can feel alienating at times, and like the world is full of people who are different from our experience of things. Lets engage with courage, and open curiosity, about being welcoming to people of all gender, sexual, and relational orientations as … read more.

Creating Home

One of the ways that human beings engage with the idea of creativity is by making meaning together. As a community, every week, every month, and every year we create a home for each other and for the people who haven’t found us yet. Let’s … read more.

Innovating Belief

In a pluralist faith community we are able to make meaning freely while respecting how we each see the world around us. And we get to come together into a glorious shared ministry and precious community. What are some of the factors at play in … read more.

Creative Social Action

What roll does creativity play in our calling as a people to make the world a better place? The goal of world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all, our sixth principle, is a great idea around which we can get creative. So let’s … read more.

Webs of Wonder

The word “wonder,” has, of course, many different though connected meanings. As a noun, it can be a splendid mix of surprise and admiration, or something (or someone!) remarkable and strange. As a verb, wonder speaks to that deep desire to know more, to feel … read more.