Raising Our Awareness of Deaf Culture

Leah Riddell will join us on Sun Sept. 30 for our service, is a co-founder of S5WAVES, a non-profit community organization dedicated to raising awareness of Deaf Culture. She teaches American Sign Language, is a mentor and social promoter who cares deeply about the success … read more.

Choosing When to Lean In

The idea of leaning into things when they are hard is intrinsic to any visioning exercise, i.e. if we don’t fail occasionally then perhaps we aren’t really trying hard enough. And there are moments to sit back and allow time, perspective, healing, and more to … read more.

The Experience Following the Vision

We all have dreams and visions and hopes, for ourselves and for others. And then there’s what actually happens. Come join us for Sunday Service to explore acknowledging the limitations of what we think is going to happen, and how we can use that as … read more.

Water Ingathering

Our annual ingathering and water ceremony celebrates a return to the source in gratitude for life and for community. Every drop of water is on an amazing journey, just as we are! On this special Sunday we celebrate a community that gives us life, a … read more.

Creative Imagination, UU, & You

A Japanese proverb teaches us that, “Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.” How can we use our Unitarian Universalist theology and our Canadian Unitarian Aspirations to create a vision grounded in our theology for us to act on in … read more.

Counting Our Blessings

On this day we will close the fellowship year, sharing messages of gratitude to one another for the path we have traversed over this exciting first year together. Following Sunday Service we will gather in the park for a community picnic, make plans to see … read more.

Crossing the Threshold

Lay Chaplains honour the Threshold Moments in the lives of the people who seek their services for ceremonies of significance – usually child dedications, weddings and memorials or funerals. Although most people don’t ask in so many words, by marking these occasions they are seeking … read more.

Sailing New Waters

Five of our Senior Youth, Alex, Ariyah, Evelyn, Kaitlyn and Riley will today officially bridge out of the RE program and into the young adult community of Unitarians. They will each speak their truth about this important journey in individual Bridging Talks, supported by the rest of the youth group … read more.

Flower Communion Sunday

You are invited to bring a few of your favorite flowers, or even flowers from your home, as we gather in our annual celebration of beauty, human uniqueness, diversity, and community. You will go home with a different flower from the one you brought, and … read more.

Courage, Curiosity, and Welcome

Engaging with the world can feel alienating at times, and like the world is full of people who are different from our experience of things. Lets engage with courage, and open curiosity, about being welcoming to people of all gender, sexual, and relational orientations as … read more.