‘The Grandness of Uncentering Ourselves’ by Parker Palmer

“Robinson Jeffers (1887-1962) was an American poet who was deeply involved in the environmental movement of his time. He was one in the great procession of saints who’ve devoted their lives to trying to end the mindless damage we human beings do to the precious planet we call home. In his poetry, Jeffers challenges us to “uncenter” ourselves. We must stop imagining that the earth revolves around us, our needs and our greed. We must learn to live lightly on this “sparkling blue and white jewel” floating in space… how grand it would be if we could “uncenter” ourselves as Jeffers challenges us to do. How grand it would be if we could put the largeness of life itself, not our egos, at the center of our attention, care, and active concern…”

As Palmer suggests, what might emerge if we were to uncenter ourselves? For more from this interview go to: https://onbeing.org/blog/parker-palmer-the-grandness-of-uncentering-ourselves

(Curated and adapted for KUF from the 2018 Soul Matters materials for the theme ‘EMERGENCE’ by Rev. Beckett Coppola.)