Belonging and Radical Welcome

What does it mean to create belonging and aspire to radical welcome? And how is this related to our call to engage with justice work? Let’s explore an aspect of this
topic as we continue to unravel our monthly theme of sanctuary.

The Oasis of Community

This Thanksgiving weekend let’s talk about how, in the words of Rev. Elea Kemler, “our principles call us to walk each other home.” In an era of loneliness,
separation, and division the oasis of community is the place where we will build mechanisms to save us from … read more.

Raising Our Awareness of Deaf Culture

Leah Riddell will join us on Sun Sept. 30 for our service, is a co-founder of S5WAVES, a non-profit community organization dedicated to raising awareness of Deaf Culture. She teaches American Sign Language, is a mentor and social promoter who cares deeply about the success … read more.