Your Ministerial Search Committee is on the Job!

We know that it’s very important to keep you, friends and members of KUF, informed. We will document our progress here on the KUF website at We will also be sending regular updates through mini-links and the occasional E-blast. You are welcome to approach individual members of the MSC after service on Sundays and you can always email us at any time at

As you know, your committee members are: Gordon Darrall (Chair), Mara Shaw, Bob Hotrum, Kim Irvine-Albano, Sandra Woodhouse and Kelli Siegwart

Many of you have been asking specifically about next steps and the timing of the selection of the new minister. In our next update you’ll find a review of what has been done to date and some information about the tasks we’ll need to perform over the next 8 months or so. In addition, a colour coded timeline has been posted at KUF for your review.

A service all about the work of the Ministerial Search Committee will be held on November 20th 2016.  Mark your calendars!

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