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Courage, Curiosity, and Welcome

Engaging with the world can feel alienating at times, and like the world is full of people who are different from our experience of things. Lets engage with courage, and open curiosity, about being welcoming to people of all gender, sexual, and relational orientations as … read more.

KUF and Repair Cafe

Hey look at that, we made the news everyone! Thanks again to everyone who came and everyone who volunteered. We are so happy to see Kingston‘s community shining like it did this weekend.  See you next month for more fixing!

KUF End of Year Picnic — June 24th

Lake Ontario Park  is our gathering place again this year for our End of Year Picnic, June 24th after Service. Check Mini-Links, KUFLinks or here for additional details.  

Pride Parade is Coming

Have you signed up yet? Join those who already have in volunteering your talents to this joyous celebration of diversity in our community. Having a vehicle in the parade is optional. Walkers are welcome. If we have an information table, we’ll need people to prepare the information and possible an activity, and people to staff the table throughout the festive day. Please sign-up here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Cz1whhwPUsNv-qmVI2j5Agu_nwX3vuVlw5swEt6GymY/edit?usp=sharing

Since I joined KUF almost two years ago, I have been welcomed in the group as together we explore what spirituality is and engage in meaningful dialogue with each other. People have reached out to include and invite me to participate. With our fabulous new minister, Rev Beckett Coppola, we are working to build an even more inclusive and diverse community.