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Counting Our Blessings

On this day we will close the fellowship year, sharing messages of gratitude to one another for the path we have traversed over this exciting first year together. Following Sunday Service we will gather in the park for a community picnic, make plans to see … read more.

The Board of Directors at KUF has approved a proposal from the Sunday Services Committee for a late August start date to the 2018-2019 KUF Fellowship year. This has come after much deliberation within the SSC and the Board.

This two year experiment continues a decades’ long process of expanding the KUF service year in an ongoing effort of addressing community and member requests for more services. With a new minister and a new RE coordinator, we feel we are ready to take another step forward, and pilot an experiment in which the service year will begin two weeks earlier than in previous years, on August 26, 2018.

As with most committee work, the efforts of the Sunday Services Committee are largely
unknown to the broader KUF community. We hope that members and friends will be open to this experiment and that with good will, respectful communication and open hearts, we can serve this community together, both within KUF and in the greater Kingston area. If you have any questions, please contact me for further conversation.
Thank you for your support.

In faith and fellowship,

Anne Coward, Chair, Sunday Services Committee

KUF End of Year Picnic — June 24th

Lake Ontario Park  is our gathering place again this year for our End of Year Picnic, June 24th after Service.

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Meet our Lay Chaplains

KUF Lay Chaplains, are flexible and resourceful officiants. From your first contact, you will find us easy to communicate with, professional and conscientious. We will offer you a great variety of suggestions and choice for the different parts of the ceremony and are happy to help you craft the service that you have always dreamed of.

To contact KUF Lay Chaplains or find out more about the types of ceremonies they can help with click here

My partner and I came to the Unitarian movement because we are spiritual people who were craving a more permanent community. Somewhere our future children would spend time with elders, where we fed each other's bodies, minds and spirits and where we stood for integrity, social and environmental justice and the worth and dignity of all. We really appreciate being able to tell our boys that KUF is their "special place" and look forward to them growing up alongside other UU kids and youth, and having that intergenerational time! We especially love our annual KUF retreat to Unirondack in the woods