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The Lessons in Stories

Just like communities of people, we each individually have a collection of stories from our pasts which can evoke responses from us, and these memories have the ability to both hurt and heal. Through faith, community, and intentional practice we can transform the relationship we … read more.

CUC Eastern Region Gathering

The ‘Creating Theology Together’ program (taking place this year on Saturday, November 17, right here in Kingston at the Eastern Region Gathering) provides an opportunity to explore questions that humans have always asked. The program will draw on the work of Dr. Michael Hogue, of Meadville Lombard Theological School and will introduce participants to the practice of creating theology together. For more details and to register, check out the link on the CUC website https://cuc.ca/events/eastern-region-fall-gathering-2018/1542445200/1542469500/ Or go directly to the website at cuc.ca and click on “Events” and then choose “November 2018”    

Up Coming Pot Luck

Please let Rev. Beck

Please let Rev. Beckett and Beth Pater know if you will be joining us for the 2nd annual Kingston Interfaith Community potluck so that we can have a rough idea of how many folks from the KUF community will be joining in the fun. Rev. Beckett and a number of other religious leaders from Kingston will each be speaking for a few minutes, and there is lots of time open for interfaith connection opportunities.

Welcoming Congregations Program

The Welcoming Congregation program is a volunteer program for Unitarian Universalist congregations that want to take active steps to become more welcoming and inclusive of individuals with marginalized sexual orientation and gender identities.

The program grew out of the recognition of existing prejudice and ignorance about LBGTQ (lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender and queer) people in UU’ism resulting in exclusion from our congregations.



Since I joined KUF almost two years ago, I have been welcomed in the group as together we explore what spirituality is and engage in meaningful dialogue with each other. People have reached out to include and invite me to participate. With our fabulous new minister, Rev Beckett Coppola, we are working to build an even more inclusive and diverse community.