Upcoming Service

When Crisis Calls: Advancing Just Migration for All

Join us for KUF’s Annual United Nation (UN) Sunday, celebrating the work of the United Nations and our Unitarian Universalist (UU) United Nations Office. The
theme of the UU UNO’s work this year is the many aspects of just migration, including the increasing need for the global … read more.

Upcoming Repair Cafes

We invite you to attend the  Repair Cafe Kingston next the Second Sunday of every month at 2 -4:30 pm in the KUF basement at 206 Concession St. You are welcome to bring something to be fixed! Recent repair stations have included furniture, electronics, sewing, bicycles and upholstery  

RE is Seeking Volunteers for 2018

We are gearing up for the new fellowship year and are looking for volunteers in children's RE. We need special guests, lead teachers, assistant teachers, and helpers to gather materials and help with set up/cleaning.

If you're interested in teaching, we'll have a training session early this fall so that you feel comfortable with the routines, policies, and curriculum. Stay tuned for details. If you'd like to be a special guest, let Amy know which theme works best for your skills and passions and we'll be in touch about the best date to visit. Please email Amy, RE Coordinator, at re@kuf.ca for further details or to express interest.

Welcoming Congregations Program

The Welcoming Congregation program is a volunteer program for Unitarian Universalist congregations that want to take active steps to become more welcoming and inclusive of individuals with marginalized sexual orientation and gender identities.

The program grew out of the recognition of existing prejudice and ignorance about LBGTQ (lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender and queer) people in UU’ism resulting in exclusion from our congregations.



My partner and I came to the Unitarian movement because we are spiritual people who were craving a more permanent community. Somewhere our future children would spend time with elders, where we fed each other's bodies, minds and spirits and where we stood for integrity, social and environmental justice and the worth and dignity of all. We really appreciate being able to tell our boys that KUF is their "special place" and look forward to them growing up alongside other UU kids and youth, and having that intergenerational time! We especially love our annual KUF retreat to Unirondack in the woods